Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People

The Music of Friendly Rich

Friendly Rich has been recording and composing music since 1994. Recently he formed a unique orchestra, The Lollipop People. Experimental cabaret music, very different from his previous material, yet always remaining true to the Friendly Rich form. Dig in...

Select Friendly Rich Discography
2006 - The Lollipop People in The Friendly Rich Show
2006 - The Lollipop People in ... We Need a New F-Word
2005 - The Lollipop People Live at the Cameron
2002 - Magnified Lyle [book/CD]
2000 - Brampton
1998 - Diarrhea of a Lawnmower
1996 - Friendly Rich...
1994 - Studenyatz, "Realms of Carlos"

The Lollipop People in "The Friendly Rich Show" [available late 2006]
Produced by Friendly Rich.
Recorded and mixed by Greg Dawson @ BWC Studios

Original cover art by Gary Panter

The follow-up to their debut recording, The Lollipop People proudly present "The Friendly Rich Show". The new recording and live DVD package will be released later this year...

1. The Friendly Rich Show Theme Song
2. Alberta Wedding Song (excerpt)
3. Crank Calling Geddy Lee...
4. The Egg Circus Theme
5. Friendly Fire (excerpt)
5. Mammas Boy (2006 remix)
6. Larcrmosa (Verdi, arr. Friendly Rich)
7. Magnified Lyle
8. Pretty Ugly

9. Jack the Moose
10. Mr. Skin's Hymn

The Lollipop People's second CD release, entitled The Friendly Rich Show are all tunes extracted from the touring liveshow that Mr. Rich composed with the help of theatre wizard David Hannan.

All music and lyrics composed by Friendly Rich (except "Lacrymosa" by Giuseppe Verdi)
Copyright 2006 Pumpkin Pie Music

The Lollipop People in We Need a New F-Word [2006]
Produced by Bob Wiseman.

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1. Where the Baker Sleeps
2. We Need a New F-Word
3. Fort Jesus
4. Mature Fruit
5. The Ballad of George Chuvalo
6. Miscarriage Waltz
7. The Ayatolla
8. All of the Lawrence Welk Dancers are Dead

9. Science Diet
10. Sure that I'm Sure

This 2006 release borrows from various influences from children's television music and video game music to Giuseppe Verdi and Shostakovich. The music is uniquely-orchestrated using traditional instruments such as the classical harp and the bassoon, in a refreshing new way.

The music deals with strange themes, such as bread baking, death, rotten fruit, and even an upbeat dedication ballad to the Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo.

Featuring: Nichol S. Robertson (banjo), Scott Good (bass trombone), Julie Shier (bassoon), Steve Zsirai (bass), Sly Juhas (drums), Kristen Theriault (harp), Kimberley Pritchard (accordion)

All lyrics and music composed by Friendly Rich
Copyright 2006 Richard Marsella